What Our Service Users Say


“I do not think that I would have been able to find out where everything was in the community if I had not been to Hibbert Agency to learn English. I also made a lot of good friends and was made welcome in the community. I did not feel as alone as I did before going there.”


“I was sent here by the Job Centre and at first I thought, this looks like a centre for Asian people, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how homely it was and the broad Bolton accents that people were speaking with. I was taken to the main computer suite, put on a computer, given a brew and told to get on with it until the Manager came off his phone call. “What no biscuits,” I shouted! “We don’t know you well enough for that yet mister!” “We gotta see how well you behave first, biscuits are only given as brownie points here!” was the quick reply I got from some of the staff. I immediately felt at ease and thought people are so chilled out here!”


“I don’t have much to do during the day once the kids have gone off to school and honestly don’t know where I would go if Hibbert wasn’t here.”


“There is absolutely no way I would have got a career as a driving instructor if it had not been for Hibbert helping me to get to grips with my phobia of courses and exams in those early days! I remember attending my first computer course at Hibbert and it used to be a laugh as well.”


“At first I only attended the coffee mornings at Hibbert to pass a bit of time but as I learned about new things going on, I joined more and more. The best course that I have been on has been budgeting skills, it has taught me so much about housekeeping and the errors that I was making.”


“My lad was really getting out of control and hanging around with a real bad lot in the area. I went to Hibbert, they took my sons’s details and said they would have a word. A few weeks went by and I saw that my lad had started going regularly to training sessions at a local gym and had started to change his views within a couple of months about what he should be doing career wise and choosing his mates better.”


“I am now a school governor at our local school and did not even know what a school governor was let alone how to become one until I stumbled across it at a course at Hibbert Centre.”


“We have created the most wonderful mosaic for our school and all our young girls went there to learn first hand how to do everything from cutting the tiles, designing the mosaic and use of colours effectively. It wasn’t just an artist did it and you watched whilst you added your two pence worth. Oh no, it was proper hands on!”


“I had never been to a camping trip before and it was just amazing cos we are able to make a raft, build a fire and sleep with my mates in a tent! We got dirty with mud all over us as well. I know all about the scouts now and it was Hibbert Centre that organised it all for us as the scout leaders meet there.”


“I had never volunteered before and I received a flyer through the door asking if I wanted to get involved in a community garden project to make the area look better. I went along to the first meeting held at Hibbert Centre and saw other people from the area there and thought: Gosh! I didn’t know so many people cared about the area. We created 2 community gardens with planters, murals, mosaics, and it was a fantastic experience!”


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