CS 8

Servicing & empowering local communities


Case Study 8


Mariam, Sirad and Safia are 3 Somali women who we identified as having a keen desire to learn ICT skills to enable them to access more information about a range of issues within one of our recent open day / consultation sessions.


The three women enrolled on our UK Online registered ECDL course and tentatively integrated into a class which predominantly consisted of Indian and Pakistani women.


We have encouraged the classmates to socialise at our weekly coffee mornings which has gradually seen the women becoming more and more confident within the classroom and outside of it, as well as making friends within different cultures. In the past we have also used arts, in particular collaborative arts projects such as creating a mosaic, painting a mural, or developing a community garden, as a catalyst to promote this inter-cultural integration and understanding.


Mariam, Sirad and Safia are continuing with their ECDL course and are now getting involved in arts classes. We are also trying to get them involved in our healthy eating / cookery classes.


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