CS 6

Servicing & empowering local communities


Case Study 6


Ajaib is a 16 year old Pakistani boy who was not in employment, education or training. Hibbert Community Regeneration Agency held an outcomes-based contract with Bolton to support with the reduction of young people who are NEET in the Bolton area and undertook some outreach work with young people who were not engaging. Ajaib had been to Connections to register but they had been unable to get him to attend any further appointments or to attend any courses. Ajaib had some family issues as he had lost his father at a young age and had a brother who had been involved in criminal activities.


Our youth worker volunteers carried out outreach and developed a relationship with Ajaib. After getting him registered again with Connections, we enrolled Ajaib on the EDI Level 1 Award in Employability Skills (QCF).


We spoke to Ajaib’s mother and found out who his peers were and approached them to mentor him with us so that he would take his future more seriously. It was only then that he changed his attitude towards learning and understood the importance of coming on the course.


Getting him enrolled on the course was only half the battle as it can be difficult to keep someone like Ajaib focused enough to stay on the course until completion. We knew from initial tests that Aajib was bright enough to complete the course but we had to work with him to reduce his late nights and challenged him when his friends would come to call for during course time.


We did this by getting him involved in volunteering for the People’s Youth Project (one of the organisations that we initially formed and which sits under the Hibbert umbrella). Ajaib loved training young people in the martial arts, something he did as a hobby at weekends. He had qualified youth workers around him to mentor him and work alongside him and the young people he was supporting. Very soon Ajaib felt like he was very much part of the ‘Hibbert family’.


Ajaib went on to successfully complete the course and then went on to a further course in building work at Bolton Community College. He still pops into the centre from time to time to do photocopies or to just ask for advice in general. He also continues to have counselling / mentoring from staff in order to deal with his family issues.


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