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Case Study 5


Zeba is a 17 year old girl of Pakistani heritage. Hibbert Community Regeneration Agency held an outcomes-based contract with Bolton to support with the reduction of young people who are NEET in the Bolton area and were approached by a Connexions caseworker to support with a young girl who they had been unable to engage with at all. The caseworker had been to the girl’s house and even spoken to her parents but had not made any progress. The parents had expressed concern about their daughter’s safety outside of the immediate community and Zeba herself was more than happy to stay at home.


After follow-up visits, the parents would not open the door or would state that Zeba was out when appointments were made.


We took the details from the caseworker and approached the parents. They told us about their fears about young girls being open to bad influences in non-school learning environments and did not want westernised culture to unduly impact on their daughter’s outlook.


Over a period of two days, Hibbert staff sat with the parents and talked them through their fears, one by one. We invited them down to the centre so that they could see how other Asian women were able to attend the centre and progress into positive activities without compromising their cultural values.


At the same time, we enrolled Zeba’s mother onto a healthy eating / cookery course at the centre and took her father to some respected people from the local mosques who vouched for Hibbert’s credibility and safety. Within a week, Zeba enrolled on a programme to develop her employability skills (EDI Level 1 Award in Employability Skills (QCF) at Hibbert.


Zeba was a natural learner and completed the course quickly. After completing, we supported her to get a job in a local pharmacy. Through our understanding of Zeba’s parents’ concerns., we were able to help her to move into a positive outcome. Without our support Zeba may not have ever gone into employment.


The Connexions caseworker was very impressed by our ability to use local links within the community to help someone who they did not believe could be reached. Zeba is just one of many young women and men that Hibbert helps every day.


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