CS 3

Servicing & empowering local communities


Case Study 3


Client X is a mother of 3 and the victim of extreme domestic abuse. Client X’s parents approached Hibbert Agency for advice a few years ago, as it’s known in the community that they helped abused women in the past very discretely.


We initially advised Client X and her parents to inform the Police, who provided details for Asian women refuges in Blackburn and Preston. However, Client X was too afraid to contact the police. Following an incident where Client X feared for the lives of her children, she made a call to the police who then arrested her abuser. Her abuser continued to threaten her after being remanded into custody and sent people to intimidate her and her children. This is a very high profile case which has been in the media and the trial has not yet taken place.


Hibbert Community Regeneration Agency helped Client X throughout this time and acted as a liaison with the Police, as well as supporting Client X to access secure housing, as well as other support.


In a testimonial from Client X, she told us:


“I can now honestly say that I would not have made it as far as I have today if it was not for Hibbert. Not only did they help me with my housing but everything from security for my home, a youth group for my children and they helped me join a women’s social group.I also felt more secure in the fact that everyone knew that I was under the ‘wing’ of Hibbert and all its contacts including the Police. I am still receiving support from Hibbert and my abuser is in remand awaiting trial in Jan 2014.”


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