CS 2

Servicing & empowering local communities


Case Study 2


Farhana is a 47 year old mother of 6 living in Crompton. Prior to coming to Hibbert Community Centre, she was long-term unemployed and lacked the confidence, motivation and skills to move into training, education, volunteering or employment. She had never been on any kind of training, spoke very little English and was hesitant to get involved in any activities. When asked what her biggest barriers were to getting involved in training, education, volunteering and employment, she said that being unable to use a computer and being unable to speak English were her biggest concerns, and she was particularly worried about what her children were accessing on the internet.


Due to Farhana’s language skills, the initial contact had to be made in Gujarati by our outreach worker. Farhana’s reluctance to get involved was overcome by inviting her to attend our coffee mornings with other relatives, to ensure she felt comfortable. We then gradually engaged her in discussions about how we might be able to help her to access opportunities. Farhana undertook a range of arts based activities which helped her to boost her confidence working with others and she then embarked upon a basic ICT course and Safeguarding Children course which she accessed via UK Online.


One of our tutors told us that from not having the confidence to speak to anyone at all in the first week, Farhana started to open up in the third week. Farhana then gradually became more confident. She then took part in and completed an English (ESOL) course with Bolton College delivered at Hibbert Community Centre. Farhana has told us that she no longer feels reluctant to learn and that “a new world has opened up for me”. Her ability to speak English and experience of working with others has increased her confidence and reduced her isolation. She is now volunteering in her spare time at Hibbert Community Centre.


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