CS 11

Servicing & empowering local communities


Case Study 12


There had been a period of a few weeks where young Pakistani men from Chorley Old Road were fighting with young Indian men from Blackburn Road, using weapons such as hockey sticks and hammers. Some young people had been arrested and some had also been injured.


Detective Dave Hasan contacted our Manager who is also a qualified level 3 youth worker to try to diffuse the situation as it was getting worse by the day. Our manager contacted youth workers and Mosque leaders from the Pakistani community and then the families of the ring leaders involved.

This resulted in our Manager and a community leader from the Pakistani community going with Detective Hasan to visit the families directly, who gave their sons a good telling off. They also visited both gangs at their ‘hang out spots’ while both community leaders stood together and gave them a good dressing down in front of the Police. We told them that we knew their families and we wouldn’t hesitate to visit them all and ask the Mosque leaders to speak to them as well if they did not desist.


As a result of our intervention, the trouble calmed down and there was no further fighting.


We deal with similar situations regularly and see it as our duty as a community centre in the heart of these deprived communities to get involved. We know there is a lot of poverty crime, with many young men who cannot find work, enticed by local drug dealers who offer them fancy cars and quick money. We mentor as many young people as we can and also deliver regular cohesion activities such as our annual Bonfire BBQ event which is attended by over 200 young people from different communities and areas such as Gilnow, Brownlow fold, Chorley Old Rod, Halliwell Road and Blackburn Road. At these events we get families to work together in order to hold a large peaceful community event where young people can come along and forget about their areas and differences and just have a good time.


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