CS 10

Servicing & empowering local communities


Case Study 10


Hibbert has a long-standing track record of diffusing volatile situations in the community including intervening in gang fights. We work with the Police who use us to mediate with members of the community.


One evening a car had been parked across Blackburn Road in flowing traffic to stop another car travelling southwards. Around 5 young Asian men from the Deane Road area of town exited the car armed with weapons and stated smashing up the vehicle while its passengers were still inside.


This led to a long tailback of traffic and many shocked passers by. Hibbertstaff were called to the scene by concerned members of the community. On arrival at the scene, there was a crowd of young men from the Blackburn Road area swearing vengeance and making phone calls to gather more numbers to go to Deane Road in a mob to ‘teach them a lesson’. Our youth workers had their work cut out explaining to them that this was not a gang war and that this was a family matter and that it was just coincidence that it happened on Blackburn Road. There were around 4 Police Officers on the scene which led to increased tensions and hostility.


Hibbert explained to the police that this conflict had arisen as a result of a young couple whose respective families were not supportive of their relationship and the attack was in response to an incident that happened in Blackburn a few days before. Hibbert agreed with the Police to mediate the situation between the two families.An elder from the family and the boy’s father were called who apologised to the family who had been attached, also promising to pay for all the damages to the car. They also agreed to go to Blackburn with the boy to make a formal apology to the family as well.


Hibbert’s intervention not only prevented a further gang response, but also supported the two families to talk through the issues with the relationship between the young couple amicably.


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