CS 1

Servicing & empowering local communities


Case Study 1


Samim is a 32 year old woman living in Crompton. Prior to coming to Hibbert Community Centre, she was long-term unemployed and lacked the confidence, motivation and skills to move into training, education, volunteering or employment. She also no understanding of computers, email and the internet although she was interested in learning.Samim had been involved in farming when living in India.


Samim was introduced to our coffee morning group at which, staff talked informally with her about the things she was interested in and the barriers that stopped her from getting involved in training, education, employment or training. We initially supported Samim to build her confidence and get involved in team activities through helping her to set up a community vegetable patch. She was then shown by staff how to use a computer and how to access the internet, both in supervised sessions with staff, and thereafter through self study at our ICT drop in sessions. From this, Samim then undertook a basic ICT course. She then undertook a UK Online ‘Safeguarding Children’ course as well as participating in workshops to help her to develop her employability skills.


Samim is now very confident using computers. She has also learned about safeguarding children and has a better understanding of what is acceptable in this country in terms of childcare / protecting her children. She has developed and managed a community vegetable patch and has increased her employability skills. Samim is now volunteering at the centre and acts as an ambassador for the centre, encouraging others to take up opportunities.


Samim has told us that as a result of her time with Hibbert, she feels less isolated and feels more like part of the community. She has also told us that she feels more confident and is now actively seeking employment.


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